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On this page we will list some of the prayer requests that we receive (as appropriate).  We will not list names.

This is also a place where our web site visitors can learn your prayer needs and pray for you as the Lord leads.  We may never know who has been praying for us.
Scroll down to pray for the requests we have already received.
(Note:  Requests will be edited to assure privacy of those submitting the request.)

Prayer Request Submissions
Prayer Request Submission Form

Please populate the form to the right in order to easily and quickly submit your prayer requests.
Note:  Your name and email address are optional.  Even if you give them to us, we will NOT post them on our web site.  We do ask that you give us your initials and your general location (if possible) with your prayer requests.
Thank you for allowing us the privilege of praying for you.

Full name:
Email address:
Where are you from?
Classify your request:
Prayer Requests

Prayer Category
Prayer Requests
North America
Please pray for my precious son. He is 19 years old.  He has a deep and kind spirit he was born with.  Please pray for his salvation.  Pray for his health and habits.  I know he is very alone most of the time at home.  Pray also for his family life.  Thank you.
Spiritual Growth
I desire God's gracious hand on my family, favour n success in all endeavours, sound health, preferment and promotion in my parents ministry, I desire an exclusive job, scholarship settlement in our Marital affairs and lastly fulfiling purpose, thirst and hunger for His word.
North America

Please pray for me and my two teenagers. I am barely making it. I am in debt real bad and need a financial miracle for my family. I am a single mom. Please pray for us bad. I am alone and nobody cares.

North America
Please join me in praying for my family's preparation for the revelation of their Savior, to be delivered from their perspectives all along the way...also to cause satan loss w/ the glory of answered prayers.
North America
Please pray for "D" she has terminal cancer, also she is a single parent, has 2 young daughters.

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United States and Canada:  At this time, we are able to fill most orders to the USA and Canada (however, there may be some exceptions.)

International:  Please DO NOT send any money for international orders without first contacting us.  We are NOT always able to fill international orders.  Please contact us FIRST!

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