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More details about our on-line Christian community.

About our Google Discussion Group:
ChristLife seeks to serve all the church of God, calling it from its carnality and worldliness to walk with Christ in love.  Our basic message is eternal life provided by God through the sacrificial death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ our only Savior.
We encourage a deeper walk of faith, rest, peace, love, worship, praise, grace, thanksgiving, personal revival, patience.  We hope that through continued conversation on the ChristLife Google Group we may help you grow to in Christ and strengthen your walk with him.
Be aware, this is a moderated forum.  This means that all posts are reviewed for relevance and compliance with the guidelines prior to being publicly displayed.

Group Guidelines:
Our intention is that this group will be a place of open and frank discussion.  At the same time, we want it to be a safe place to share Christ with each other.
This is a difficult balance to maintain.  In light of these goals, we have developed "Group Guidelines".  Please look before for our current guidelines.  (Note: this list is not exhaustive and will change as necessary.)

ChristLife Google Group Guidelines
* Please do not post messages with addresses to other sites.  (It may be a wonderful site, but this is not the forum for such ads.)
* Please do not post messages "advertising" or "promoting" other products.  (They may be truly blessed of God, but again, this group is not designed for such activity.)
* Please do not post messages with attachments or graphics.
* Please do not post messages with other people's e-mail addresses, names or other personal information.
* Please do not post personal contact information (you may exchange this privately.)
* Please do not post messages that use offensive language.
* Please do not request contributions.
* Please do not belittle others.  No 'flaming' - be respectful to everyone. Agree to disagree if necessary.
* When replying, include only the pertinent parts of the message you are replying to.
* Please stay on topic (Jesus Christ, the Bible and Christian living).
Note: This list is not exhaustive and may expand as needed.  Messages will not be posted if they violate these guidelines.  Also, there will not be never-ending discussions over the same issues, where no new information is provided.

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International:  Please DO NOT send any money for international orders without first contacting us.  We are NOT always able to fill international orders.  Please contact us FIRST!

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ChristLife Google Group
One of the ministries of ChristLife, Inc. is our Google discussion group.  This group is all about our Life in Christ, Jesus and the Bible.  This group is a place to make prayer requests.  It is a place to ask questions about the Bible or share some of your insights from the Word of God.  It is also a place to discuss our Life in Jesus Christ.  Please feel free to join our group using the form below.

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