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Testimonies of God's Faithfulness

"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death."  Revelation 12:11  (KJV)

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Praise Reports

Pastor L.A.


This message was in response to our message about Dr. Livingstone

This is a wonderful article. It reminded me of the tales from my grand mother whose father had seen Dr Livingstone physically and helped him to navigate the banks of the Zambezi river and Barotse plains in western part of Zambia.

Our barotse ancestors named him "Munali" literally meaning a red skinned man because he entered barotseland at the time when red maize which the natives called munali was introduced by the foreign slave traders popularly known as "Mambali".

Dr Livingstone is known as a heroic missionary who turned my home area Barotseland (now western province of Zambia) upside down. Despite the swampy geographic nature of the region which has very high mosquito population Dr Livingstone braved it all to evangelize the areas.

He encountered the Mambali while leading squads of slaves and cried at the sight of this ruthless act.He sensitized the King, chiefs and the people until slave trade came to an end in Barotseland.

My grand mother used to tell me that barotseland was like an open wound oozing with pus and Munali (Livingstone) became the cure.

Pagan practices such as the killing of infants that started growing teeth on top, the burning of suspected witches, burying alive of young people besides a dead king etc all came to an end as a result of Munali's evangelistic work. Away from Barotseland Dr Livingstone was the first white man to see the mighty Victoria Falls in a City named after him in Southern province of Zambia the site where the United Nations World Tourism Organisation(UNWTO) festival to be jointly hosted with Zimbabwe will be held this year in September. Other than this, Munali's Heart was buried under a native tree in Chinsali of the then Northern province of Zambia.

This is but a slice of Dr David Livingstone's legacy in this part of the world. He was a heroic missionary who was passionate for souls. A man who was ready to sacrifice all for Christ. A social advocate, a loving and giving man of God. May his legacy be an encouragement to all who care for the salvation of the Lost!

Rev. D.T.


Hello ChristLife Team,
l heard about this ministry in the prison.  I was arrested in the musque evangelising, and l was to be killed but God save my life.
Thank God that l am able to contact this ministry today.



Dear Pastor,  Praise the Lord!
I was discouraged for some reason but when I read your msg on  "When All Else Fails" -- I was revived again.  Thank you so much.



Hello ChristLife Team,
l heard about this ministry in the prison.  I was arrested in the musque evangelising, and l was to be killed but God save my life.
Thank God that l am able to contact this ministry today.


SE Asia

I thank God for all the knowledge you have shared to me. Thanks be to our Lord Jesus Christ! I am now a new believer of God since the time you have sent me your writings of the Spiritual Dynamite.

Pastor G.O.


Hello,  I am so grateful to be part of the people receiving these blessed messages. to tell you the truth, these two messages ( Can you be trusted and peace through prayers) blessed my life.  May God bless you so much

Asst. Professor


Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus.  Really I am so blessed by your articles of Christ like life and Seeking God. Really they are Prophetic Messages for me though they are scheduled mails for you. Really words are not enough to express how much I am blessed.  God bless you abudantly.



Words cannot express how today's word has blessed my spirit. Yes there is pain and suffering in this world but He who lives in me is greater than He who is in the world. I feel the power of God as I write this. Thank you Jesus.

I cannot wait for the seeking God series next week! Glory be to His Name forever!

Pastor A.B.


Respected sir,  We are so happy to listen from you... its so delight to have such a relationship with your ministry.  We like your pictures, stories, books and good sharings.  Send more sharings that will be thanks giving to the lord.  It is really happy to send this mail to you.  Thanking you sir


North America

Somehow I ran across "A Christianity that Really Works" on, and I almost didn't order it because I have read so many books on that topic, and they just didn't seem to help me.
But this book is helping me tremendously!  I am seeing my independence and pride and how they have blocked God's work in my heart.  This is a hard lesson, but it is true. 
I just found out that Pastor Marr has died, and I feel so bad about that!  I'm happy for him, but I so wanted to tell him how much his book means to me!
Why don't more people know about this great book?!  I am going to share it with everyone I know who is seeking a deeper walk with Christ.
I will be visiting your site faithfully.
Thank you for continuing this much-needed ministry of teaching.

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